Lighting - The Balanced Approach

Lighting is at the forefront of a good building design. There is a specialist lighting manufacturer for every specialist niche and every application. Form, function and energy usage are the key drivers for choice by most customers. 

Eco-1 hopes that where possible that customers choose lighting solutions that 

1) Consume minimum energy consistent with their function

2) Arrive on site with a minimum of packaging

3) Arrive on site prewired with plugs ready for immediate installation

4) Consider lamp life, replacement costs and colour consistency for replacement lamp sources

Highly reflective surfaces can be subject to damage and Eco-1 attempts to minimise the number of handling steps during installation .

In  areas where functionalty is of prime importance Eco-1 have chosen to partner with British Manufacturer Dextra whose range of fittings include classic, commodity and contemporary luminaires.

Their  Dexeco range bespoke solutions designed to draw maximum energy savings from individual circumstances. Every building is different, has different uses, operates at different times and with different occupancy levels, therefore every lighting solution must be unique. Their versatile product range uses the latest LED and fluorescent technologies, allowing them to create solutions suitable for any number of environments.

This balanced approach to lighting is part of the Eco-1 electrical installation.