Eco-1 has taken a refreshing new look at distribution. 

We have chosen the distribution equipment made by the world leader in electrical distribution - Schneider Electrical and then where possible we prefabricate the entire main distribution into one assembly ready for delivery to site.

This means you get world leading distribution equipment assembled with full quality control. It’s all assembled and mounted, labeled, and ready to go with trunking connections.

This approach delivers:-  

  • Best in class equipment from Schneider
  • Proper quality control in a controlled environment
  • No hot work on site
  • Minimises packaging – no waste on site
  • Off cuts are properly recycled
  • Saves time on site – electricians do electrical work not assembly

And in the future should you want to change anything then you have the reassurance of the most widely stocked electrical distribution equipment in the UK backed by the largest technical team in the UK.  

Eco-1 chose Schneider not only because they are the market leaders but because of their main board global commitment “to place products and solutions on the market that will help to curb energy wastage and promote production and consumption habits that respect the environment.”

This is all about quality, delivered safely, whilst caring about the environment.

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