Wiring accessories – the actual light switches, dimmers, switch socket outlets and the like -  are the one aspect of a good installation which are on show. Customers want the widest range of components from the market leaders. Feel, look and touch are very important. You may choose them to blend in or to stand out, to be quiet in switching or to be with a  positive click. You may have anti tamper requirements or you may have special groups of people to cater for.  

At Eco-1 we recognise that the customers have preferences and we respect their choices Whilst Eco-1 partners with Schneider because of their overall commitment to quality and the environment we recognise that other clients prefer Crabtree (part of Siemens), or MK (part of Honeywell), or other manufacturers. All these manufacturers and many others produce excellent quality accessories and we are happy and proud to fit them.

Schneider’s highly successful Exclusive range of wall and ceiling accessories maintains the superb quality and easy to install technical specification that have established this design as a firm favourite. Available in a wide range of finishes including: White Moulded, Decorative Matt and Polished Chrome, Metal clad. The Exclusive range is designed to suit commercial applications and offers an extensive range of accessories while the strong, industrial design of the Metal clad range is the perfect choice for a variety of commercial and public buildings due to its robust technical specification.

These components provide the finishing touches to your installation and whatever you choose you can be sure of the highest quality.