World Class Supply Chain?

Eco-1 is working to build a world class supply chain with UK based companies. We are working together with Edmundsons Electrical to meet and develop further our relationships with leading manufacturers.Edmundsons working with Eco-1

This is part of our commitment to delivering on the promise of being the leading company for electrical solutions with added value and lowered energy. By taking the time to look at the entire offering in the installation arena we are developing installations with offering a unique price/performance ratio. We believe in reducing whole life costs and environmental impact whilst delivering highly functional installations.

We are discussing where we can improve the offer to our customer by looking at:

  • Energy saving products
  • Lean products
  • Innovative products

It is not enough to simply listen to the manufacturers, we are getting actively involved with ensuring the products we recommend are effective, energy saving and best in class. We are doing this by investigating the production and logistics of product and testing the products in a real world environment.

We aim to recommend appropriate products where there is a payback of less than 2 years. So for example, photovoltaic panels do not appear at present.

We have taken the time to work towards:

  • Prefabrication of as much of the installation as possible
  • Reducing the amount of waste created through packaging
  • Reducing the carbon footprint by taking fewer deliveries on site.
  • Making installations lighter and less wasteful.

Thirdly, we are working towards

  • Improving the process engineering of the installation
  • Installing items once, reducing the complexity of the process
  • Improving plant utilisation

We want our customers to enjoy the optimum installation based on their specific needs and aspirations. Starting with discussions regarding the quotations through planning and installation including the maintenance we already provide advice and expertise but we are taking the time and effort to improve.

If you know of any products which you think may meet our goal of improving the customer experience please let us know, using the feedback form below.