The Curse Of The Fan Heater

I walked into the magnificent atrium of the Regus office block in Birmingham. In the middle of the atrium a receptionist sat awaiting the latest business people to enter. Once you had been signed in and certified that you had glanced at the health and safety card offered you could progress to the lift and onward into the offices crammed with people actually doing things. Just before I got to cattle work areas I glance down on the receptionist and , yes, she had a fan heater blowing hot at her ankles. 

Once you start looking these fan heaters are everywhere. They are in shops by assistants feet, they are in offices by desks and they are even in despatch areas. All happily converting back the electricity to heat.

The management control the temperature so the workers bring in their fan heaters. The more the air conditioning works – the more they turn on the fan heaters.

A fan heater will cost about 50p per hour to run – so that’s £20 a week assuming they get turned off when workers go home. Ten people in an organisation doing this and your burning £5K a year. And let’s hope it’s only money you are burning – blocked fan heaters turn into nice fire lighters given a chance.

Is this a problem in your organisation?  The only way you are going to know is to monitor your power use – or crawl around on the floor on a regular basis.