Electrical Contractors Shun The Web

The whole point of a website for a company is that it should be full of compelling content about the goods and services on offer. However, very few electrical contractors seem to spend much time and attention working on their websites. 

They are usually simply a straight brochure.  They go something like –

1) We  have a great passion and ethos 

2) We have done lots of great jobs

3) We can do lots of great jobs

4) We are very safe doing these great jobs

5) We are very  eco- friendly doing all these great jobs

6) We have won some awards and are members of industry associations

7) We are a great employer

8) This is how you find us

Not surprisingly this does not get a great readership.  A company called Alexa ranks all of the websites it can find and gives a world ranking (and a country ranking where it can calculate them). Having a low ranking is good – so Google is ranked 1 for example. By comparison Forth are 11.1 million - so there are 11.1 million sites in the world that get more traffic.

Here are some more rankings - Bailey 2.1m, Emcor 2.6m, Lorne Stewart 11.1m, Shepherd 6.1m, Gratte 7.1m, Dodd Group 3.86m.

Skanska, Volkerwessels, SSE Contracting, Northern Electric and Laing O'Rourke don't even have dedicated electrical contracting web sites.

By way of comparison here are some rankings of some of the electrical contracting organisations - ECA 811K, NICEIC 399K, ESC 518K, JIB 1.65M, ACE 2.34M. And as a complete contrast Schneider are 30K in the world - and that is as good as it gets.

I can hear you asking where this web site is ranked and the answer is that it takes a long while for  Alexa to catch up and they haven't got our rankings in yet. So I am waiting to see where we rank.

If you have been reading us please carry on - and help our Alexa rank. Thanks.