How To Market To Large Electricity Users

Large users of electricity pay an electrical tariff which changes every 30 minutes – the so called ½ hour tariff. These users have been forced by the government to fill in a form giving their “green” performance. A league table of these users was then published last November by the government. The table is called the CRC League Table  - The Carbon Reduction Commitment League Table

The idea is that this table will reward good performance and tax bad performance. Like any scheme however it is the subject of manipulation of the rules rather than the desired outcome. As ever business will react in the way that it sees most rewarding rather than in the way intended

The immediate other effect is that there is now a list available for everyone to use as a marketing aid. You now can determine in advance who can make most use of your green product or invention. The list is somewhat difficult to download from the  government website and so we provide a copy here. 

 crc league table 2011.xls

Happy hunting.