Introducing The Eco-1 Pen

You know how it goes – you’ve just got to print that last document out and then you can dash to the car and just make the meeting on time – providing the roads are clear.  Then the printer jams and you can see the bit of paper that is stopping it working.  You grab your pen and start fishing the paper out – but then horror – you drop the pen and it disappears into the workings. You are really late now and the only thing to do is to leave a note.  You grab a post it and scribble :-

“Do NOT use!!! Pen is stuck inside”

And you didn’t make the meeting!!

Now you need a new pen. If you are part of the industry then we can help. The new Eco-1 illuminating pen is so green it glows. So drop us a note – we don’t mind how you lost your last pen- and we’ll send you as many as you like – free. Now isn't that better.