Halogen Lamps Ban In 2013?

In 2009 the EU adopted legislation specifically related to the “ecodesign” of indoor light sources – this replaced and extended legislation drafted in 2005.

Under this legislation it is the intent to ban all none efficient light sources. This process began with the withdrawal of incandescent light sources- for example - the good old fashioned 100w bulb. A European technical briefing is available here.

Under the latest phase low-voltage halogen lamps are to be banned from next year under draft legislation drawn up by the European Commission. Better performing halogen lamps are to be banned from 2016. 

Whatever you think about Europe in general it has legislative power and organisations that can legislate do. Everywhere you look there are legislative bodies passing ever more legislation to control ever more minute areas of our lives.  The EU is great - it guarantees we won’t have another world war, how much more important can it get?  It doesn’t need to do any more - thanks.

Like many  people in the UK I feel that this is an unwarranted interference with the open market and a reduction in choice. There are many applications where there are no suitable alternatives to halogen lamps. However ,the main point is that the legislation is a complete waste of time- market forces alone will dictate the adoption of LED technology everywhere in the near future. 

We all want a sustainable future but imposing it through European bureaucracy is not the way forward. Let a UK government influence choice through tax - if it wishes – as it already does with road fuel duty.  However no one is suggesting (yet) that vehicles with a certain engine capacity be banned.

Of course to moan now about the reduction in choice and increase  in cost is a futile gesture, the legislation that is doing the work was passed 3 years ago and is only now that it’s impact is being felt.  So now we need to be vigilant in watching for the next imposition. There are already too many regulations to count.