iPad Vs Eco-1 Mousemat

A lot of people have asked me whether they should go for the new iPad or an Eco-1 Mousemat. I know it is a tough call so I've produced the handy feature guide  below to help you choose.

The mousemat is of great quality. The upper surface is just right with a friendly look to inspire you. The body of the mat is made of a light and flexible material.  The mat stays put when placed on a smooth surface, and the mouse moves easily over it. With a non fading image how can you go wrong?


Of course you always go completely capitalist and get both - wow what a month March would be!

Your Handy Comparison Guide

iPad 3

Eco-1 Mouse Mat

£400 plus

Free to the trade


Virtually indestructible

264 dpi

300 dpi

Limited battery life

Battery free

Great screen

Great pic

Not good in sunlight or the sea

Great in the sun or the sea

Available real soon

Available now

Call them and ask for it

Please call us and ask for as many as you want if you are in the trade


So there you have it. If you want the design icon that is the Eco-1 Mousemat or simply have a slippy surrface to cover (and you are in the trade) why not give us a call and we will send you some free - and Apple won't be saying that any time soon!