Everything You Wanted To Know About The NICEIC But Were Afraid To Ask

All About The NICEIC

The National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting or NICEIC is an organisation which provides voluntary regulation for electrical enterprises in the UK.  Their HQ is near Luton and pictured to the right.

They say “We offer leading certification services, Building Regulations Schemes, products and support to electrical contractors and many other trades within the construction industry. Over 25,000 contractors are registered with us and take advantage of our products and services.”

They are a division  of a company called Ascertiva Group Ltd which in it’s turn is wholly owned by the Electrical Safety Council Ltd who are a company limited by guarantee and a charity.

The Electrical Safety Council Ltd is a rich organisation which oversees the operations. At the end of 2011 financial year it had reserves of just over £22m offset by a pension deficit of £7.2m . The latter is due to the fact that it is one of the few organisations to still offer a final salary pension scheme. Included within these assets was £6.5m cash at the bank.

The group employs around 320 people . They employ around 54 inspectors to carry out the  electrical inspections.

The three trading divisions of Ascertiva Group Ltd  are

•             NQA Division - The principal activities were the assessment of quality management systems of applicant companies, and the on-going surveillance of the systems of registered companies against the requirements of BS EN ISO 9000: 1994 Quality Systems, amongst other quality standards.

•             NICEIC Electrotechnical Division carries out the inspection and assessment of NICEIC enrolled contractors for both the Approved Contractor and Domestic Installer Schemes.

•             NICEIC Certification Division is an accredited personal certification body and also carries out the inspection and assessment of the Microgeneration Scheme.

There are a number of other trading brands as well


1956       NICEIC set up.  The NICEIC started out with 14 Area Engineers - one for each Area Electricity Board - together with a small head office staff. The first Roll of Approved Contractors was published in 1957 and listed 3,511 contractors.

1971       NICEIC is registered as a charity

1986       NICEIC Head Office moves to Vintage House, London

1988       NICEIC forms NQA, National Quality Assurance

1992       16th Edition of IEE Wiring Regulations adopted as British Standard

1998       NICEIC Roll published on CD-ROM and website

2000       NICEIC becomes a UKAS accredited certification body

2005       The charity was renamed the Electrical Safety Council and started to carry out the charitable objectives of the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting.  NICEIC Group Ltd formed to carry out the commercial aspects of the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting.

2006 NICEIC Moves to Dunstable and ESC moves to Buckingham Gate

2009 It was decided to rename the trading group as Ascertiva as part of a new strategy

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