Quality must be delivered.9001 Certificate

Eco-1 is certified to BS EN ISO: 9001/ 2008 and has a policy, manuals and systems to ensure that quality is delivered in a consistent manner throughout the organisation.

Delivering quality is about fostering a ‘right first time’ culture. Whether on site or in the office, everyone is motivated towards quality. We operate a zero defects, zero snags policy on all sites.

We have established, documented, implemented and maintained a quality system that is designed around continual improvement and effectiveness. The Quality Manual and Operating Procedures are designed to explain fully the procedure we follow to control the quality of our communication solutions and form a part of our service to customers. These procedures are to ensure that we achieve the best quality standards in order to become our customer's only choice of electrical solutions providers.

The Quality Objective of the Company is to become and remain our customer's "first choice", based on the customer feedback survey. This objective will be reviewed periodically and will be achieved if all staff adhere to the procedures set down.

Everyone within Eco-1 is responsible for the quality of the work they perform, Particular importance must be given to all staff in endeavouring to identify problems, report them and also assist in implementing solutions to them.

The responsibility for ensuring that the requirements of the Quality Manual and operating procedures are kept up-to-date, understood, implemented and maintained throughout the Company is that of the Managing Director.

Copies of the Eco-1 Quality Policy statement and Part A of the Quality Manual are available upon request