Health & Safety

Eco-1 are fully committed to improving safety standards and awareness throughout our own organisation and the industry as a whole. We dedicate a sufficient level of resource to meet these aims, with both an in-house team and the services of a retained consultant.

The company has a Health & Safety Policy Statement and a set of manuals, which describe the systems we have in place to ensure safe methods of working and to provide for the health, safety and welfare of all our employees. Copies of these are available on request.

We assess the risks associated with our activities, ensure that personnel are competent to carry out the tasks assigned to them, ensure that plant and equipment is safe. We then monitor our performance on an ongoing basis, in order to improve it. Procedures are in place to report and investigate all accidents. We always work together with others on site to make sure it is a safe place of work.

Safety is not a static issue. Constant reviews take place to our systems to improve them. We consult with the workforce to get their point of view. The Board of Directors reviews health & safety at EVERY meeting.

Incident & Injury Free Policy

Eco-1 is committed to operating in and helping to create an incident and injury free (IIF) environment wherever we are present.


  • provide the necessary investment to achieve the above mission;
  • empower our employees to lead decision making to translate the mission to reality;
  • proactively work with all stakeholders, including end customers, architects, designers, main contractors, our own direct labour, suppliers and sub-contractors, to ensure the mission becomes a reality;
  • not compromise our commitment to health and safety
  • take a zero tolerance approach to any injury or incident regardless of the severity and / or frequency.

Pensinsular CertificatePhilosophy on IIF

We strive to:

  • create a platform on which the working environment will become the safest workplace;
  • prevent the needless occurrence of occupational injuries and suffering caused by exposure to incidents and accidents in the workplace;
  • stress that working IIF is a basic human right;
  • support an IIF environment through structured training, supervision, and information;
  • disseminate best practices and technical support via the Eco-1 Way;
  • proactively work with all to make the “IIF Environment” vision reality.

We recognise that IIF is possible if everyone in Eco-1 and beyond embraces the philosophy helping to forge high levels of belief, trust and total commitment.

Peninsula Appointed

As further evidence of our total commitment to Health and Safety At Work we have retained on a long term basis the consultancy services of Peninsula to advise and ensure we are always pursuing ever higher standards.