Values And Mission

The Eco-1 Way

Our fundamental business strategy is to fuel growth by building long-term client relationships and aggressively controlling costs.

Our approach is non-adversarial.

For our customers, this means providing a quality product; safely; on time and within budget. For our employees, this means offering opportunities for personal and professional growth.

The Mission

Eco-1 Electrical Solutions mission is:

to be recognised as leading electrical installation engineers specialising in eco friendly installations for customers who recognise quality.


  • provide an excellent service at a competitive price point;
  • employ, train and motivate responsible teams, including craftsmen, on a long term basis;
  • emphasise quality, health and safety and the environment in all our activities;
  • innovate, aiming for ever more efficient and sustainable installations;
  • work, in partnership with our supply chain to provide better value;
  • meet or exceed all legal requirements

The measure of our success is that we provide ever more installations to even more satisfied customers.It's all about meeting your needs sustainably and safely - adding value and reducing cost.

Our Core Values

• Customers are the object of all our activities.

• Delivering expectations.

• Working safely and considering the environment.

• Operating ethically.

• Using our experience, intelligence and innovation.

• Supporting and valuing our team.

• Working together openly and honestly